Great Valentine Themed workshop today ( 01/24/2015) setup by Anton Oparin.

Always a pleasure attending Anton’s workshops. It is not just a shootout with stunning models but he also takes time to teach each person to be better and see things they in a different perspective. Be sure to check them out by joining his meetup.


Focus on Fashion Photography NY Meetup

New York, NY
375 Fashion Team Members

This group is for those involved in fashion industry – photographers, filmmakers, makeup artists, designers, models, stylists. We will organize networking events in NYC that a…

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Photographer - Ronn Vinluan, Each moment in one's life only happens once. Photographs immortalize those moments. I strive to not only immortalize those moments but make it worthwhile

Hi Anton

been an admirer of your work for a number of years  ,also followed you on YouTube over the last year, you helped keep me sane while under fire in Syria watching your videos on lighting, especially when we were surrounded over the Christmas of 2013 as the terrorist less than a thousand yards from us, when we had electric I used to watch your videos on YouTube best part of the day…

Tom Duggan, Photojournalist, lives in Damascus, Syria

Have you ever thought what it would be like to shoot New York Fashion week as a photographer?
I had the privilege to shoot Fashion Week for the Spring Summer 2013 collection in New York. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m sure glad I did it. It’s an experience like no other. Following over a week of shooting countless shows, I was interviewed about my experience so here’s a video showing how it went.


Paul Ferradas, Fashion photographer based in San Francisco, CA