Moschino’s hot, Spring 2015 Milan’s show

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If you had any doubts that Jeremy Scott’s Moschino is hot, Spring 2015 Milan’s show instantly killed them dead. It took a good 20 minutes to get past the throng at the door, the standing section was three rows deep, and the crowd whooped and hollered as the lights dimmed.

“Hiya, Barbie!” rang out from the loudspeakers, and delivering on the promise of the giant plastic comb that was included in the invitation, the first model emerged in a huge platinum blond wig, bubblegum pink lipstick, shrunken fuchsia leather jacket and miniskirt, and (what else?) mules. For Fall it was McDonald’s and Budweiser; this season it was Mattel’s iconic plastic toy that got Scott’s low-high treatment.

Fashion hasn’t seen anything like this in years—maybe since Franco Moschino himself was thumbing his nose at the fashion elite. You heard yourself complain, “But some of it looked sort of cheap…” Or, “Where does he go from here?” Then you thought, “There she is, the sourpuss again.” And finally, “What’s wrong with me? Loosen up, have some fun. Feel the joy.”


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